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Welcome to my blog — From the Corner Office.

To halt escalating health care costs, many companies and organizations like yours have launched onsite wellness programs for employees. As it turns out, the overall results are disappointing. And if you’re like most executives in the V and C suites–corner office decision-makers–you’re not making use of your corporate wellness program anyway.

The Corner Office conversation will revolve around health and wellness topics specifically for executives and business professionals. Advice will speak to you and recognize the realities of your leadership role. When you take a few minutes to read these blog posts, you’ll see how to make your everyday life more effective and productive.

I’ve built corporate wellness programs, so I’ve seen what does and doesn’t work. I specialize in creating peak performance solutions that provide immediate results for the executive suite.

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To your health and wellness,

Sam Hester

Owner, Executive Wellnes

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