If you really want to relax, try this

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After last month’s introduction (Blog, August 24th) of learning to breathe deeply and kick on the relaxation response, now I want to teach you a more advanced technique called Alternate Nostril Breathing. It dates back thousands of years to India.

See 1min 53 second video for some more background and a demonstration.

Let’s try it together. Take the thumb on your right hand and gently put on your right nostril, closing off the nasal passage. Take a deep breath in through your left nostril. Now, move the ring finger on your right hand and place it on your left nostril, breathe out slowly through only your right nostril. Leave your ring finger there. Now breathe in through your right nostril. Use the same thumb to close off your right nostril, and then breathe out through your left nostril. This is one complete round.

Do this for several minutes and then stop and see how you feel. If you get light headed, just stop for a few minutes and the sensation will subside shortly. More than likely, your breathing has been shallow all day, and you were depriving yourself of that 30% of available oxygen that I mentioned earlier. So, a big blast of oxygen to your brain through Alternate Nostril Breathing could make you a little dizzy.

This is a great technique to use when you need to feel balanced and still be alert and productive at work. I suggest you try to complete 10 rounds and then see how you feel.

I have taught this technique to thousands of people and the results can be amazing.

Try it, you will relax!

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