In the course of a normal work day, an average executive spends much of his or her time in a state of “fight-or-flight” adrenaline elevation, as though experiencing physical danger. Our bodies are built-in such a way that physical release is required to recover from frequent adrenaline rushes, literally by fighting or fleeing.

But we don’t fight or flee in our offices. Instead we sit in our stress: we comfort ourselves with sugar and fat-laden foods; we sacrifice rest and exercise; and we drink and take drugs to keep from having meltdowns.

The price some of us pay individually is measured in weight and waist-size, lethargy, allergies, chronic diseases, “burnout,” psychological misery and, ultimately, fewer days on the planet. The price our organizations pay is measured in moribund performance and escalating health care costs.

Traditional Wellness Program’s Don’t Work

Over the last decade, companies and organizations in an effort to halt escalating health care costs, have instituted a variety of onsite wellness programs for employees. As it turns out, the results have been overall disappointing. What was forgotten in this endeavor is that people will make different personal and behavioral changes when THEY want to — not because of a token award.

Even as wellness programs grow in popularity, it has become politically incorrect to publicly question whether these wellness programs work or whether they generate a REAL, measurable return on investment.

Interestingly, an ADP study showed that “while 79 percent of large and 44 percent of mid-sized companies offer wellness programs, over 60 percent of these companies do not measure their return on investment.” And, most executives in the V and C suites will not as a rule participate in them anyway.

Executive Wellness Works    

Many of these health issues can be minimized by an executive wellness program that teaches individuals and organizations simple techniques to return them to their peak performance.

Most people think getting back-on-track and restoring peak performance is a monumental task; it’s not. Our one-on-one or group coaching  programs will show you how easy it is to feel better, work harder and perform more effectively in as little as a week.

Sam Hester, a recognized pioneer in executive wellness, provides individual coaching and team workshops, as well as  inspirational keynote addresses on the Three Keys to Peak Performance: stress management, nutrition and fitness. 

Executives who follow Sam’s simple guidelines WILL reduce their stress and boost their energy and productivity.