Soar to Success Minus the Stress (book)

There is no need to attend seminars, travel to an Ashram or seek weekly therapy. You can read this work and immediately begin to utilize the tools Sam gives you.  As a researcher, he has studied volumes of material on stress.  Doctors and scientists have produced much data describing why you become stressed.  And, over the centuries, philosophers, religious leaders and spiritual masters have taught how to initiate relaxation.  But few have put the information all together in a simple, comprehensive way, such as you’ll read in this short book.


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By Chris S. (Houston, TX USA) February 13, 3010
5.0 out of 5 stars

Review of: Soar To Success Minus The Stress (Paperback)

“This is a powerful little book! It is filled with great information and easy-to-use techniques for dealing with stress and stressful situations. I read it in half an hour and keep it beside my bed so that I can refer to it often. I recommend this book to anyone who wants the important information on dealing with the stress brought on by challenging situations but does not want to do the research to find that information. Sam Hester has done that for you!

Great Investment! February 15, 2010    5.0 out of 5 stars
By TallMBA (Houston, Texas)
Review of: Soar To Success Minus The Stress (Paperback)

“I was hesitant to purchase this book. It’s small and I wondered “How much good can something this small be?” Well, I’m thrilled! Most books babble on and on, this one got straight to the point and gave me tips that I could use immediately. I found myself testing them, as I read the book, and Voila, I felt better immediately. I keep it in my briefcase for quick reference. :-)”

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Soar To Success Minus The Stress (VIDEO/DVD)

Recorded before a live corporate audience, this 26-minute VIDEO/DVD illustrates some simple techniques that are guaranteed to reduce your stress levels instantly.

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Easy To Follow Along With, September 2, 2012
5.0 out of 5 stars

By Lykos

Review of: Soar to Success Minus the Stress (DVD)

“This isn’t a dry ‘How To’ video. The humor really helped draw me in and kept my interest. The exercises were easy to follow and they worked. I felt more relaxed and calm.  Sam said he came upon this info the hard way – He almost died from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – and went on a quest to save his life.
The breathing exercises were enlightening. I never realized how much my breath is tied to relaxation.  I can see using this video as a ritual to start the day.
Makes a great gift.”



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Executive Wellness: The 4 Week GET-BACK-ON-TRACK Program (book)

ISBN: 978-0988846302 Copyright © 2013 Sam Hester

This book is designed for busy executives who, by the nature of their jobs, work incredibly long hours, remain sedentary for long stints, are under constant stress, and travel often. If that describes you, then you may have gotten off track in taking care of your most precious natural asset – you!

The 4 Week Get-Back-On-Track Program will eliminate your sugar cravings and help you to regain your focus and energy, maximize your productivity, remain resilient, and begin exercising again. Review

Highly recommend this book…February 21, 2013 By J Gott  5.0 out of 5 stars

“About 2 weeks ago I started using his ideas of eating every 2 to 3 hours with no more than 35 grams of protein per meal. Prior to starting his suggested method I was craving sugar, eating candy and ice cream by the 1/2 gallon. I had been trying to stop eating as much sugar for months but could not stop the craving. After about a week I noticed I was not eating as much candy and other sweets. I have not had any processed sugar for three days and do not crave it as before. I have more energy and more focus than I have had in a long time. His ideas are straight forward and factual. What I liked most about the book is the ideas are simple and easy to understand. No big charts and chemical formulas or buy my product propaganda. If you want facts and simple instructions, this book is for you. Thanks Mr. Hester I did not think I could stop sugar cravings but have by using the information in your book.”

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