Sam Hester is the owner of Executive Wellness and is a nationally known speaker, author and coach who has over 35 years’ experience in the military, business, health care and academia, including almost two decades at The University of Texas Health Science Center (UT Health) in the world-famous Texas Medical Center.  There he developed and managed the executive coaching and wellness programs for more than 8,000 employees.

He has seen executives in crisis firsthand and knows the unique challenges they struggle with to meet and exceed expectations on the job. Sam provides executives and other professionals with simple solutions. His books, Soar to Success Minus the Stress and Executive Wellness: The 4-Week Get-Back-On-Track Program are concise guidebooks for professionals needing stress relief and better well-being.

Sam’s speaking and seminar appearances are known to immediately cut participants’ acute stress levels in half. His private coaching sessions focus on the three keys to wellness: stress management, nutrition and fitness. He is a member of the National Speakers Association (only the top 3,500 top paid speakers in the world are eligible to join this prestigious organization.)

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Sam is an expert in enhancing peak performance, wellness, nutrition, fitness and health. As a coach and personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the leading sports medicine and exercise science association in the world, he has proactively guided thousands of executives and other professionals toward reaching their goals in these areas.

He has also been an endurance cycling athlete who has raised funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a participant in the BP MS-150, a two-day fundraising bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, Texas.

12115472_10206459914033860_2309050530769150509_nSam has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Auburn University, and is a graduate of Corporate Coach University and the Wellcoaches Coaching Program.

He is a former U.S. Navy Helicopter Search & Rescue Crewman and Emergency Medical Technician who understands the Military/LEO/EMS cultures as well.



“Dear Sam,

I know you are modest but the following is truly how I feel.

I don’t know how you did it but you have created a highly successful business that as far as I’m concerned saves lives and adds to the quality of the lives you have saved. You have certainly done that with me. I have been a sugar addict all of my life. I cannot recall ever having gone without sugar for longer than two days. I needed help in the worst way. My cravings were 24 hours a day.

I discovered you and what you were successfully doing to help other carbohydrate and craving addicts. I felt there was little hope for me, however. I had, on my own, even with hypnosis, tried every conceivable way to stop the carbohydrate and sugar cravings, the carbohydrate and sugar addiction, and the carbohydrate and sugar habit. Nothing had worked.

I told you of my situation. You said, “Mike,  that is not a problem. I know what is going on. Just follow some simple steps that I suggest and watch the difference.” I followed your advice to the letter and haven’t had a craving for sugar since, nor have I had eaten any sugar since. I can’t tell you the freedom and sense of pride I  feel.

I feel in control not the carbohydrates and the sugar. I don’t have to have the M&Ms, Snickers, Hershey bars, and so much more. I don’t search out sources for the sugar or sneak eat, nor keep secret stashes of sugar. I continue to follow your simple suggestions and the results happen.  I look forward to our continuing wellness coaching relationship. You saved my life (no diabetes or obesity) and have added immeasurable quality.

I’m glad to know you as a friend and a coach. Thank you again.”

Mike Scott, President
Mike Scott & Associates

“Sam, Below is a glowing testimonial (Soar to Success Minus the Stress Presentation) that I thought you would enjoy. I’ve heard positive remarks from numerous people and wanted you to know what a pleasure it was to work with you. I hope the taping went well. On behalf of my audience, thank you for your exceptional presentation!”

Jo D. Miller, Executive Director
Institute of Real Estate Management

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I’ve been suffering from a constant tension headache for the last month in a half.  It would not go away.  Exercise and a doctor’s visit did not help, but your speaker did.

The breathing exercises finally gave me some relief… It was truly a gift from God.  I was praying and crying that morning because nothing seemed to help my constant headache.  My prayer was answered through you…! “

Suzanne Tankersley, CPM
Business Development Manager
Allied Barton Security Services

“Sam…Your presentation (Stress & Nutrition for National Sales Manager’s Meeting) went over very well.  Everyone enjoyed it, right on track with other services that Nestle provides.  Thanks again.”
Jim Janzen
Director, Customer Development at Nestle USA

“Would you like to cut down on that daily stress, be healthier, and feel in control of your life?  Working with Sam will put you on the right path.  I have worked with Sam in assorted endeavors over the past several years, and I know that he can bring provide the solutions that add to your company’s productivity levels as well as individual well-being. He is an engaging speaker, and his information on stress will definitely wow your audience.”

Denise Landers, President
Key Organization Systems

“Sam Hester introduced me to a program that consistently reduced stress and dramatically improved my diet and exercise in 1:1 sessions. Working with Sam allowed me to reset my lifestyle choices in doable, but dramatic way.I would recommend Sam to my colleagues and family members!”

Erle Hoppe

“I recently worked with Sam to help me tweak my diet and to develop a weight training program to help me increase my muscle mass. Sam has a very down to earth style, easy to work with, and certainly is an expert in his field.I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs help getting back on track.”

Bill Ballas

“Sam is a very straightforward, no non-sense trainer. His philosophy isn’t that you have to do complicated diets and exercise routines to make a difference in your health. I
have changed my eating habits slightly and feel 100% better, have more energy and less stress. More energy and less stress is something we all need and want and Sam can
teach you how to do this with very easy, straightforward approaches. I highly recommend Sam’s services to anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Margaret Babcock

“I worked with Sam to assist me in dealing with my recurrent Candida infections that have plagued me for many years. Sam recommended several different nutritional supplements and specific dietary changes that have significantly helped me to reduce my fatigue and the debilitating chemical sensitivities.

Now my quality of life is a lot better and I want to thank Sam for his knowledge, compassion understanding, and his easy to work with style. I would recommend that anyone who is over 40 and wants to improve their health and get back on track to contact Sam.”

Barbara Spofford